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About Pull

Pull is an open source program dedicated to “Pulling” podcasts down from the internet. It supports podcasts and vidcasts easily and quickly. Pull does not try to be a replacement for your current media player or media catalogue. With that in mind Pull was designed to be portable and lightweight, which means it can be run from a USB stick.

Key Features

Easy to use: one setting that must be set
  • Quiet: Doesn’t bother you with annoying dialogs or sounds
  • Memory: Supports resuming of downloads and remembers all your settings automatically.
  • Supports OPML: This allows you to easily import and export your subscriptions
  • Supports one click subscriptions: If you see an iTunes, Zune or any other special podcast link, Pull can subscribe to it with a single link.


While Pull was designed to be a useful and simple program, it may not be defect free. If you experience a problem installing, configuring or using Pull please feel free to use the following resources available to you.


Due to the fact that this an open source program, there is no line of dedicated help. The community is your technical support hotline (so to speak), but we have answered EVERY request to date and implemented over 90% of feature requests!


This document will present how to install, configure and explain Pull's features. It will also provide information on the licensing that Pull was created under and provide resources for support.
Pull is not installed like most other programs. It does not create an entry into the Control Panels "Add and Remove Programs" menu nor does it place a directory into your Program files directory (that is for you to do if you wish).

Download Pull

If you haven’t already, you can download Pull from

Download to a directory and navigate to it once it’s finished.

Install Pull

To install Pull, Right click on the zipped icon you just downloaded and select Extract All… in the drop down menu.

Select the destination that you would like to extract Pull.

Browse to the folder you have extracted the files to.

Upgrading Pull

If you already have Pull installed, you can simply download the latest version and extract it to the same folder overwriting files as needed.

Key points to watch during upgrade.
  • You should not overwrite the pull.db or pull.sqlite files, these are the core database for Pull. New versions do include them in the downloads, so this only happens if you download an old version (which is a bad idea).
  • We only guarentee support upgrades for the last 3 releases. So for example 2011 Release 4 will upgrade from 2011 Release 1, Release 2 and Release 3. 2011 Release 8 will only upgrade from Release 7, Realse 6 and Release 5. If you have a very old version, you need to incrementally upgrade (i.e. start at 2011 Release 1, upgrade to Release 4, upgrade to Release 7 and finally Release 8) or export your feeds to OPML and re-import them.
  • There are times that the upgrades will support more releases than just 3, but we will only guarentee 3.

Desktop Icon

If you would like to create an Icon on your desktop…..

Navigate to which ever folder you extracted pull to and right click Pull.exe and hover your mouse pointer over Send to and click Desktop in the next drop down menu.

You now have a shortcut icon to Pull on your Desktop for easy access.


Documentation Credits

This document was created by:
  • Blaine O’Kelly (Technical Knights at the University of Central Florida)
  • Jordan Toor (Technical Knights at the University of Central Florida)
  • Robert MacLean

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